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Arguably, the automobile is the best example of the success of recycling. Our country's industrial growth during the 20th century was largely based on transportation, and the resulting expansion of this infrastructure created millions of end of life vehicles. This developing recycling challenge became a true test for the automotive recycling industry.

PSC has been at the leading edge of this effort. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into safe, environmentally compliant, state of the art capital equipment in order to facilitate the recycling process.

Automobiles, buses, tractors and trailers are removed from our landscape and shredded to our consumer requirements while at the same time converting ferrous and non-ferrous metal back for re-use.

The recycling industry employs over 100,000 Americans directly and also countless millions of individual participants in the process. In the end everyone benefits, and throughout the recycling process millions of dollars changes hands. From the large auto salvage or parts dealer to single individuals, this method achieves our objectives and creates a sizable segment in our economy. Annually over 3,000 vehicles are recycled by our industry, and we’re all proud of this achievement!

Requirements for customers selling cars:

  • Must have valid photo ID (i.e.  Driver's license, State Issued or Military ID)
  • Title to the car being sold required.  Must be signed over to the person that is selling the car.

* Please check your local recycling facility for location specific instructions.

Fun Facts:

Recycling just one car saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.
Virtually every car taken off the road today is recycled - thanks to the steel and iron content!
It takes about 45 seconds to shred the average automobile into fist-sized pieces of steel for recycling.
The steel found in just six cars, when recycled, is enough to build a brand new house, using steel framing of course!