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PSC is about its People, Strategic Partnerships, Facilities, and Operating Capability. PSC is People, Strategy and Capability!

Our people are our greatest asset. They are experts at developing and executing the best strategy for every scrap metal situation. Whether you are a small retail supplier or a multi plant operation, our people develop creative, well thought out approaches to your situation. Our objective is always the best overall approach that leads to the best value for our suppliers and consumers! We are staffed with the most capable account executives and traders to start the process. Visit individual sites for your specific contacts.


Strategic Partners and facilities make our system work. We operate our facilities in the heart of the country with over 40 locations, serving industry and individuals. We have been a valuable part of our communities for multiple decades. We meet the specific needs of these individual communities and provide employment, income and tax revenue.

Our consumer partners are the key players throughout our industry. Their facility locations and scrap requirements are critical components. These consumers are the strongest links to our future. Our industry role can be most simply stated as, “combining our suppliers with our consumers in a long term economically viable manner which is mutually beneficial for all parties.”


The capability of our operating facilities guarantees our long term viability. PSC has invested hundreds of million dollars in the most effective, safe and environmentally compliant equipment. That investment allows us to efficiently collect and process the scrap, meeting our consumer requirement.  Requirements will continue to change in our industry and PSC stands willing and able to continue to invest where necessary. We bale, shear and shred to our consumer needs and requirements.

We support our supplier and consumer requirements through every step in the supply chain with our dedicated logistics and transportation department, offering expertise in rail, highway, barge, and vessel transportation.